Forest Museum

This is one of the largest large wooden exhibition halls in western Japan aiming for rich interaction between people and nature. We provide a variety of forest-related information on the themes of “Invitation to the forest”, “Let’s go to the forest”, “Let’s know the forest”, “Let’s play in the forest”.
There is a prefectural forest management office in the hall, so if you have any trouble, please ask anything.

Information Zone
Here, we provide information on Nagasaki Prefectural Forest facilities and events.
Immediately after entering the entrance, there is also a management office beyond the diorama of the prefectural forest. Please send any inquiries to here.
① A diorama in the forest of the prefecturals. Like flying in the sky! ?
②The elders of the forest are waiting for everyone’s wake.
③ To the administration office, please use this window / entrance. All the staff are waiting.

Forest ecology diorama
We faithfully reproduce the lives of living creatures living around the forest in Nagasaki Prefecture. Let’s find out what kind of creatures there are.
In addition, there is a three-dimensional map that introduces the nature of Nagasaki Prefecture, and introduces natural monuments.
④Micro Experience Theater / Become a small mole and learn about the living of creatures living in the soil. Under the ground, a surprising world! ?
⑤Thinned wood corner / A thinned wood corner is set up in one corner of the diorama zone. Learn what thinning is, what it does, and what thinning can do.

Forest Information Plaza
At Forest Information Plaza, you can learn many wonders about forests with your five senses.
You can also enjoy the history of forestry and cutting-edge technologies using games and dioramas. Admission is of course free. Please come by all means.
⑥What kind of tools did you use? The history and technology of old forestry tools and modern forestry machines are on display.
⑦What is a mountain job? Let’s take a look at the work in a diorama that reproduces the forestry site.
⑧Let’s examine the fingerprint of a tree. The bark of the tree is different one by one. Let’s check it out.
⑨Handmade floors and hand-made hoe used by the Emperor and Empress at the 41st Annual Tree Planting Festival are displayed.
⑩Book corner. Small children study forests using a computer.

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